Tuesday, April 5, 2011


                        I have found my new obsession...I guess I can let you in on my secret...shhhh

Nail Art!

Soooo... as I was watching Teen Mom 2, (I know, I know) Chelsea had on leopard fingernail polish. Once I saw that I was on a hunt...of course my curiosity lead me to Walgreen's, the one place where I just pull up and I have already spent at least 50 bucks. (hehe)

                                             There it was leopard finger nail polish...so cute!

I do have to say I was skeptical at first cause all new beauty projects claim "it works" just like self tanner "no streaking" right? (wink). But I knew I could ROCK this and it could add a whole new dimension to several outfits. Only $9.99 too!

                                                            I am here to tell you they work!
                               Bye bye to wet nails and sticky messes and hello to FABULOCITY!

and you better work!


  1. haven't tried them but they look so fun and fab!

  2. Anyone who enjoys looking great and trying something new, this is a must...will be posting pics soon!