Friday, April 29, 2011

If I were a hat...


Fabulously Funny Friday

 Weekends HEERRE!

So I am sure on this Friday morning, most women around the world were a little late to work this morning .(hehe)

        Instead of falling asleep at your desk ladies why not have a laugh...

Benefits of Laughter:
                       ~ gives you a energy boost
                                        ~ releases stress and creates endorphines to make you happy
                                        ~ boosts immune system
                                        ~ gives your organs a mini workout (burn those calories, ladies)

     Just like yawning, Laughter is contagious so help ya sista out and   
    laugh and burn those calories together, it's bikini season folks.

Here's a tip: 
   Most people illicit laughter by tickling so the next time you and your "sweet cheeks" get into a bicker, don't give him the "WHATEVER" bring out the "Tickle Monster" (said in a high pitched voice with wiggly fingers)...YA WELCOME! (HEHEHE)

One thing that always gets me rolling is baby giggles! Enjoy!

 Here is one of my all time favorite baby videos...evil eyes!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy "Toledo"...

Holy "TOLEDO" is right...Isabel Toledo that is...

Our trip to Europe is pretty much a month away so now I am really searching for the picture perfect outfits that will make my trip that more fabulous!

While perusing (<....big word oh yeah!) the Internet, I came across a up and coming designer, Isabel Toledo. Even though she has been a designer since the 80's( what a great decade) her designs are now hitting the political spotlight.

Michelle Obama in Isabel Toledo.

                                          So it is a classics dress but I am more interested in these...

                                                      Did I just hear you say Holy Toledo? HeHe :)
                                                  OK OK..Now your thinking how much are they?
                                                                             Get ready...



            $59.99 at PAYLESS

                                             That might be pricey for Payless but still not bad.
                                 So what do we call these, a boot? a vespadrille? I call them MINE. 

                   Will you be yellin  "HOLY TOLEDO"?!

                                           (For more great designer shoes at Payless, click here)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fabulously Funny Friday

 Happy weekend to everyone! So I know today is not Friday, but I meant to post this
"Fabulously Funny Friday" video yesterday. Between work, eating some delicious pizza with  good company, and getting ready for the Hornets vs Lakers playoff game, there was no time left in my day.

But it's the weekend and we all deserve a good laugh so I'm sending one your way... (I hope you find this as funny as I did.)

WARNING: If you watch this video, you will have this song stuck in your head the rest of the day.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cough-ee Filter Wreath

Another week and more great DIY ideas. I literally have not been able to sleep at night with all these craft ideas running threw my head. I guess things could be Saturday I could not have been happier when I actually was able to tackle one of filter wreath!!!

Even if your not a huge coffee drinker this will cost you around...$5 Shut up!

What you'll need you ask?

All you need is a glue gun, glue sticks, a 12" wreath, ($3.99 at Michael's) and a pack of  coffee filters ($1 at the dollar store if you don't already have them.)

         Next, fold the coffee filter in half then, fold the non ruffle sides in toward the center.   
                    Then,starting from the top of the wreath and working around 
                        begin gluing around and around until it looks like...
                                                        I love how  it pops on our red front door.

    What is so great about this wreath is how easy it is to change up...
     I added a crystal ornament to give a little extra spawwkle...
    This is in my guest reminds me of a little bed n breakfast.

     Just like an outfit, the right accessories can take this wreath from winter to spring.


I love this wreath so much, I look at everything and wonder if it would looked good covered in coffee filters. (hehe )The Hubster would kill me but I do have one more project (ok maybe two) involving these carnation one a be's. Stay tuned!

I have more ideas for this cluster of cuteness but couldn't wait to post it!

         What drink has a cold?


                                                  Gotta love popsicle jokes...and how fitting.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Cola Party

i am so's time to plan another party! My dad is turning 60 at the beginning of May and we are throwing a intimate dinner with close family in about 2 weeks. It came up fast...

Soooo... my creative juices are over flowing right about now...this is the part where i tend to overwhelm (annoy) myself ...i know i can't do them all but they are two cute to pass up! 

LOCATION:  Downtown New Orleans 

INSPIRATION: so if you don't know (which you shouldn't..ha) my dad loves anything with coca cola on it and over the years has collected many coca cola  souvenoirs. When i was thinking of the decor for this event, i thought it would be fun to go with a vintage coca cola them since he is practically "vintage" (60) haha and loves that cold drink :).

Here is what i was thinking...

                              Cute right? 
   Everyone needs a good creative project every once in awhile   
   and i found mine this month. i'm gonna try to be real crafty
   and try to use items i already own...i'm up for the challenge.

        i'll keep you posted... i think i need a coke now! :)

 what do you prefer cola or pepsi?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hair Inspiration...

It's that time of year...sooo why not spring clean ya hair up there?

Going from long and blonde to short and dark was the best decision...
My short spunky hair gives my outfits a new modern look
...big feather headbands and flowers look amazing in it too!

 victoria beckham

katie holmes

Team Kanenball

chelsea kane

Team Kanenball

 A key to way to always achieving a pulled together look is finding your signature hairstyle. We all know of stars with signature looks, Jennifer Anistons long layered "Rachel" style way back when, so why not create your own. Your hair is a built in accessorie so have fun with it!

and..."Don't fret my pet", if a look doesn't quite work out,hair grows back (just keep telling yaself that) hehe. It helps me at least...but if ya don't risk it you might be missing out on your new signature look.

before & after

      sooo...will you be spring cleaning your look?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pucker up

    Soooo...if you're like me, I get bored pretty easily.( hehe )
    That's why I love to try out different looks.
    One easy way to change ya look fits right in ya pocket book and won't break it SOOO...

                PUCKER UP!

                                      Here's one of my new favorite shades for Spring/Summer...


        I love wearing this shade on sunny spring days with a light eye but with big fun playful lashes
                                                             or glam it up with a sleek up do hair style.

                                                                                ...not convinced?
                                        Skip your 5 dollar cup of  Joe and pickup your new shade...only $5!

Kaley Cuocco
Pink so sheek...

                              Would you think to go pink?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hmmm..What to wear?

      If you did not know, at the end of May the hubster and I will be traveling to Europe for a once in a lifetime two week vacation. How lucky are we? Most get excited about what they will get to see, and trust me I am, but still I am most excited about all the shopping I get to do before hand! I am lucky cause my husband thinks the same way!

      The only hard part since we will be traveling by train ,boat, plane, and car, we are limited on how much we can bring. What? only 2 pairs of shoes? That should be a sin! So i really have to plan out every outfit.

      Soooo... I will be blogging about ideas for outfits and much fun!


First off, for a girl who lives in heels, the first thing that comes to mind when walking on cobble stone streets for two weeks and enduring weather,...what the hell are my feet going to where?!

  • Tennis shoes...HELL to the no...they are meant for the gym
  • Stilettos...I wish! Not practical...
  • Flip flops...maybe, however, blisters and dirty wet feet doesn't sound fabulous
  • Flats...ehh...for some reason they hurt my foot more than my stilettos

                              Ankle boots with a wedge?
The perfect compromise!

    These himble boots by BLOWFISH, are the spice to my red beans and rice...
I get a little heel while my feet are comfortable, covered and out of the weather, while acting like a tennis shoe but not looking like one. These will add a "spice" to all my outfits. I can't wait to show you how they look...stay tuned for pics.

and whatever you do, you better work! 

Here are some other colors they come in....

    what are your feet            
          most comfortable in?

Girls like them big...

Hey Hey Hey...get your mind out the gutter...

I am talking about sunglasses...

Big sunglasses not only make you look like you stepped out of  VOGUES May pictorial but it is great for those days you don't feel like being cute or putting makeup on...they cover up your whole face (hehe). Great for running errands or taxing your kiddos around town or in my case my hubster and the two pups!

An evening stroll through the French Quarter lead too my most recent fav...not too bad for 5 dollas! 

             what do you think? 
            do you like them BIG?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


                        I have found my new obsession...I guess I can let you in on my secret...shhhh

Nail Art!

Soooo... as I was watching Teen Mom 2, (I know, I know) Chelsea had on leopard fingernail polish. Once I saw that I was on a hunt...of course my curiosity lead me to Walgreen's, the one place where I just pull up and I have already spent at least 50 bucks. (hehe)

                                             There it was leopard finger nail cute!

I do have to say I was skeptical at first cause all new beauty projects claim "it works" just like self tanner "no streaking" right? (wink). But I knew I could ROCK this and it could add a whole new dimension to several outfits. Only $9.99 too!

                                                            I am here to tell you they work!
                               Bye bye to wet nails and sticky messes and hello to FABULOCITY!

and you better work!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey ya'll! Welcome to "All Things Fabulous"! 
This is my first blog EVER and am so excited to share with you all the fabulous things in life. That's right folks, no negativo over here...only positivity. On this blog I will share the fabulous things that have happened to me in the past and all along the way to the future. You know you want to be "Fab", so get ya hair did, red lipstick on, and step in your best stilettos and live a life of "fabulocity"! AND...