Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy "Toledo"...

Holy "TOLEDO" is right...Isabel Toledo that is...

Our trip to Europe is pretty much a month away so now I am really searching for the picture perfect outfits that will make my trip that more fabulous!

While perusing (<....big word oh yeah!) the Internet, I came across a up and coming designer, Isabel Toledo. Even though she has been a designer since the 80's( what a great decade) her designs are now hitting the political spotlight.

Michelle Obama in Isabel Toledo.

                                          So it is a classics dress but I am more interested in these...

                                                      Did I just hear you say Holy Toledo? HeHe :)
                                                  OK OK..Now your thinking how much are they?
                                                                             Get ready...



            $59.99 at PAYLESS

                                             That might be pricey for Payless but still not bad.
                                 So what do we call these, a boot? a vespadrille? I call them MINE. 

                   Will you be yellin  "HOLY TOLEDO"?!

                                           (For more great designer shoes at Payless, click here)

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