Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulously Funny Friday

 Weekends HEERRE!

So I am sure on this Friday morning, most women around the world were a little late to work this morning .(hehe)

        Instead of falling asleep at your desk ladies why not have a laugh...

Benefits of Laughter:
                       ~ gives you a energy boost
                                        ~ releases stress and creates endorphines to make you happy
                                        ~ boosts immune system
                                        ~ gives your organs a mini workout (burn those calories, ladies)

     Just like yawning, Laughter is contagious so help ya sista out and   
    laugh and burn those calories together, it's bikini season folks.

Here's a tip: 
   Most people illicit laughter by tickling so the next time you and your "sweet cheeks" get into a bicker, don't give him the "WHATEVER" bring out the "Tickle Monster" (said in a high pitched voice with wiggly fingers)...YA WELCOME! (HEHEHE)

One thing that always gets me rolling is baby giggles! Enjoy!

 Here is one of my all time favorite baby videos...evil eyes!

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