Monday, May 9, 2011

All things Coral!

When you hear the word "coral" what do you think of?   


                                                                                          noun /ˈkôrəl/  /ˈkär-/ 
A hard stony substance secreted by certain marine coelenterates as an external skeleton, typically forming large reefs in warm seas
  • - a coral reef (Webstire dictionary)
                                                                                Am I right?
Well I happen to think of Jessica Simpson's new spring dress collection!

               Yes please! 

                                           and here are some other ways to use coral this summer.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Craving... Trench Coats

It is getting real close to my Europe trip and I still have not found the perfect trench coatTrench coats were the "hottest" item revealed on the 2011 cat walk and a must have this Spring.

 Even the precious Kate Middleton is sporting one.

From the Burberry Collection...$995.00 (click to get the look for the less)

With the weather a bit on the chilly side in other countries of the world,(not like muggy Nola although lately the weather has been quit delectable) and the fact it adds such flare to an outfit, you can see why it is a must have.

  • worn by soldiers in WWI in France
  • these coats were used to hold maps and such 
  • when the world ended, the soldiers wore them back to civilian life and they became quite fashionable there after.
Even the most adorned Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing one in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and shows how feminized the jackets became.

Each season trench coats become more modernized and can turn anyone into a trench coat tizzy.

My Wishlist:

Anthroplogie & Ruffled Trench

Modcloth & Metrostyle

 Aren't they phenomenal? 
And then I found the one...


                                        The jacket that was meant for me...or at least I thought :(

                                                                    Where should I start:
                  The adorable mint color, the girly bows, the train like back detailing, and on sale ...$40!

                                                    But of course they were SOLD OUT!

                                         So I am still on the hunt...I must stay as fierce as these chicas!

Issac Mizrahi


When purchasing a trench coat, make sure it is customized to your body type. Don't be afraid to get one that shows your will look more amazing worn with confidence. When bought in a neutral color, your trench can become a key part to your wardrobe and be worn throughout many seasons.

Burberry Classic Trench


         Burberry is known for making these coats a classic...

Joan Rivers Classic Trench...$80

  Let's face it, were are all not willing to spend $1,000.00 on a coat so here is a  more affordable version....

                                       and if your the daring type why not where it as a dress!

V. Beckham

    So will you be getting your trench on? hehe

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chalkboard Tray

  YAY for the first post of the month! I made it through my first month of blogging and I have to say "Hi, my name is Kim and I am addicted to blogging." (hehe) This blog has made me very productive...maybe not with the laundry and dishes as much but certainly with those small projects you have always had on those "to do" lists. (which by the way I found five of them in my purse the other day...I'm old school.Funny thing is each list has the same thing written on them cause I always lose the one before. haha. Does anyone else have that problem? I always forget I can type it in my phone.)Anyways... So I am very excited to have checked off one of my "to do's" the...

I have been wanting to to do this for decades...ok maybe I am exaggerating...maybe not decades but for a very long time. :) First, I dragged the Hubster on a little thrift store date...Hey I am knew to this thrift store shopping thing and I didn't know what to expect, but when I saw it I knew I had to have it!

So let's get to it!

  • One tray of your choice(mine is wooden from the thrift store for a hefty $1.50!Other types of trays could be used as well though.)
  • One can of chalkboard spray paint(Lowe's 5 buckaroos)
  • A small can of paint of your choice.(I used a white semi-gloss.)                                          TIP: In the paint department of Lowe's ask if they have any cans of paint either people returned or were wrong. The choices might be slim but I paid a whole dollar for a can of paint. :)
  • One roll of painter's tape.
  • Sandpaper(I used a sandpaper with a grit of 120, if you are using a wooden tray.)
  • Of course chalk!hehe
  • Any extras you might want to add: I added a burlap bow($5 a roll from Michael's) and retro vintage flowers made from cupcake wrappers, a newspaper,a paper bag and spawwkly pipe cleaners. (I had all of those items so we shall say...FREE!)
  Step Uno:  
Take your sandpaper and sand your tray so your paint can add here as well as smooth any rough areas.             
 Step Dos:
Wipe tray of any dust and begin applying your painters tape around the tray where you do not want the chalkboard spray paint.

  Step Tres:
Spray your chalkboard paint in a side to side motion outside. Then spray it lightly again. Wait 20 minutes then add another coat. Then wait an hour before writing on it.
(It is best if you read the directions on the back of the can. :))
Step Quatro:
 After your paint has dried,carefully remove tape. 
Step Cinco:
Place painters tape on the inside of tray and begin painting the rest of your tray. To get the worn affect, I simply painted and wiped as I went along. That Simple!

Remove tape and TA DAAAA!

I thought it needed something a little extra to go with the old worn look from the tray so I used some burlap I had around that I had been wanting to use. I simply cut a long strip and made a bow. I didn't want to glue the bow on and make it so permanent so I used push pins to ad here it to the tray. I wanted to give it a little something vintage and I thought of a great idea for I looked around to see what I had... I used a cupcake wrapper, newspaper, and a paper bag. Cut a circle out of the newspaper, that it is slightly smaller then the cupcake wrapper and glue your circle onto the wrapper. Next cut a slightly smaller circle from the paper bag and glue it to the newspaper circle. With my spawwkly pipe cleaners, I tied my flowers to the bow. I loved how it turned out. 

              You can use your tray as cute decoration on your coffee table or write a sweet message for your guests and place it on there bed.It makes the room feel cozy doesn't it? a mini b&b.

              My favorite way to use it is as a grocery list.
                  "Makin Groceries" as we call it down here in Nola. 
                                                                                How do ya'll say it?

or  right sweet messages to ya little "boo boo"  or ya little "teddy bear". haha and NO I do not call my husband these names. I'm Serious. :)

I love the versatility of this tray...hang it in a kid's bedroom, play tic-tac-toe, write a love creative.

and by the way our DATE NIGHT  was just lovely!

Now go on....get to it!

Friday, April 29, 2011

If I were a hat...


Fabulously Funny Friday

 Weekends HEERRE!

So I am sure on this Friday morning, most women around the world were a little late to work this morning .(hehe)

        Instead of falling asleep at your desk ladies why not have a laugh...

Benefits of Laughter:
                       ~ gives you a energy boost
                                        ~ releases stress and creates endorphines to make you happy
                                        ~ boosts immune system
                                        ~ gives your organs a mini workout (burn those calories, ladies)

     Just like yawning, Laughter is contagious so help ya sista out and   
    laugh and burn those calories together, it's bikini season folks.

Here's a tip: 
   Most people illicit laughter by tickling so the next time you and your "sweet cheeks" get into a bicker, don't give him the "WHATEVER" bring out the "Tickle Monster" (said in a high pitched voice with wiggly fingers)...YA WELCOME! (HEHEHE)

One thing that always gets me rolling is baby giggles! Enjoy!

 Here is one of my all time favorite baby videos...evil eyes!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy "Toledo"...

Holy "TOLEDO" is right...Isabel Toledo that is...

Our trip to Europe is pretty much a month away so now I am really searching for the picture perfect outfits that will make my trip that more fabulous!

While perusing (<....big word oh yeah!) the Internet, I came across a up and coming designer, Isabel Toledo. Even though she has been a designer since the 80's( what a great decade) her designs are now hitting the political spotlight.

Michelle Obama in Isabel Toledo.

                                          So it is a classics dress but I am more interested in these...

                                                      Did I just hear you say Holy Toledo? HeHe :)
                                                  OK OK..Now your thinking how much are they?
                                                                             Get ready...



            $59.99 at PAYLESS

                                             That might be pricey for Payless but still not bad.
                                 So what do we call these, a boot? a vespadrille? I call them MINE. 

                   Will you be yellin  "HOLY TOLEDO"?!

                                           (For more great designer shoes at Payless, click here)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fabulously Funny Friday

 Happy weekend to everyone! So I know today is not Friday, but I meant to post this
"Fabulously Funny Friday" video yesterday. Between work, eating some delicious pizza with  good company, and getting ready for the Hornets vs Lakers playoff game, there was no time left in my day.

But it's the weekend and we all deserve a good laugh so I'm sending one your way... (I hope you find this as funny as I did.)

WARNING: If you watch this video, you will have this song stuck in your head the rest of the day.