Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hmmm..What to wear?

      If you did not know, at the end of May the hubster and I will be traveling to Europe for a once in a lifetime two week vacation. How lucky are we? Most get excited about what they will get to see, and trust me I am, but still I am most excited about all the shopping I get to do before hand! I am lucky cause my husband thinks the same way!

      The only hard part since we will be traveling by train ,boat, plane, and car, we are limited on how much we can bring. What? only 2 pairs of shoes? That should be a sin! So i really have to plan out every outfit.

      Soooo... I will be blogging about ideas for outfits and much fun!


First off, for a girl who lives in heels, the first thing that comes to mind when walking on cobble stone streets for two weeks and enduring weather,...what the hell are my feet going to where?!

  • Tennis shoes...HELL to the no...they are meant for the gym
  • Stilettos...I wish! Not practical...
  • Flip flops...maybe, however, blisters and dirty wet feet doesn't sound fabulous
  • Flats...ehh...for some reason they hurt my foot more than my stilettos

                              Ankle boots with a wedge?
The perfect compromise!

    These himble boots by BLOWFISH, are the spice to my red beans and rice...
I get a little heel while my feet are comfortable, covered and out of the weather, while acting like a tennis shoe but not looking like one. These will add a "spice" to all my outfits. I can't wait to show you how they look...stay tuned for pics.

and whatever you do, you better work! 

Here are some other colors they come in....

    what are your feet            
          most comfortable in?


  1. Love the big glasses! Plus, I think they are 'healthy' as they protect your face from the sun :) Oh and for your Europe trip, I recommend flats and non-athletic 'tennies'. We did Disney in February and I felt the same way. I needed cute shoes that were comfy. Lots of walking and lots of posing for pictures!

  2. THANKS!Exactly, a girl who knows what I'm talking about...Love it!