Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Craving... Trench Coats

It is getting real close to my Europe trip and I still have not found the perfect trench coatTrench coats were the "hottest" item revealed on the 2011 cat walk and a must have this Spring.

 Even the precious Kate Middleton is sporting one.

From the Burberry Collection...$995.00 (click to get the look for the less)

With the weather a bit on the chilly side in other countries of the world,(not like muggy Nola although lately the weather has been quit delectable) and the fact it adds such flare to an outfit, you can see why it is a must have.

  • worn by soldiers in WWI in France
  • these coats were used to hold maps and such 
  • when the world ended, the soldiers wore them back to civilian life and they became quite fashionable there after.
Even the most adorned Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing one in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and shows how feminized the jackets became.

Each season trench coats become more modernized and can turn anyone into a trench coat tizzy.

My Wishlist:

Anthroplogie & Ruffled Trench

Modcloth & Metrostyle

 Aren't they phenomenal? 
And then I found the one...


                                        The jacket that was meant for me...or at least I thought :(

                                                                    Where should I start:
                  The adorable mint color, the girly bows, the train like back detailing, and on sale ...$40!

                                                    But of course they were SOLD OUT!

                                         So I am still on the hunt...I must stay as fierce as these chicas!

Issac Mizrahi


When purchasing a trench coat, make sure it is customized to your body type. Don't be afraid to get one that shows your will look more amazing worn with confidence. When bought in a neutral color, your trench can become a key part to your wardrobe and be worn throughout many seasons.

Burberry Classic Trench


         Burberry is known for making these coats a classic...

Joan Rivers Classic Trench...$80

  Let's face it, were are all not willing to spend $1,000.00 on a coat so here is a  more affordable version....

                                       and if your the daring type why not where it as a dress!

V. Beckham

    So will you be getting your trench on? hehe


  1. i must say a trench was listed as one of my next big purchases!

    and both of our blog pictures are wedding pictures... goodness

  2. I found the perfect trench for my recent Europe trip without splurging...Every girl needs a classic trench! Can't wait to show you!